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Here you will find an assortment of items from members of the Pye and Kelly families.

Elsa Kelly's Research

Family Trees
The principal families researched are the PYE Family from Devon, England, they came to New Zealand and settled in Geraldine, South Canterbury and the KELLY Family from Ireland and South Australia, who settled in Wellington, New Zealand. There are some 9000 entries in the wider Family Tree.
Family albums are included

Pye and Kelly

Other families are:

An assortment of pictures

Elsa Kelly has searched many newspapers while she has been researching the greater Pye Family Tree. She has come across some interesting articles in various subjects. Newspapers General is a collection of some she has found.
Because Elsa Kelly's mother Gael Pye had a Grandfather that ran the Masterton hatchery, Elsa Kelly has selected items that relate to the Masterton Hatchery and acclimatisating in general

Jamie Pye's Corner

Jen's Pictures
The extensive albums and newsletters are from Jen who now lives in Toowoomba Queensland, about 2 hours west of Brisbane by road. She lived in Mt Isa for a year or so before settling down. Now she is working and repairing the house she brought with no time for travel

Coast Station ZLW Wellington Radio is a major topic under this heading. Jamie Pye worked there for several years and it is still remembered by him and his workmates of that time. They all reminisce about the station and the time that they spent there. The New Zealand Amateur Radio Band Plans and Repeater and Beacon maps are presented in both PDF and the original format MS Word

Jan's Pieces

Book Reviews
Children's books reviewed by Jan Pye. Popular titles are covered including a linked Website that has over fifty children books reviewed that have a military flavour

Jim's Bits

Several bits'n'pieces from Jim's collection

Interesting links have been selected based on the topics shown